Consultative Mejlis of Democratic Forces Discuss Changes to Electoral Code

On Thursday a Consultative Mejlis of Democratic Forces (CMDF) held a hearing to develop a memorandum of opposition to the Electoral Code.

According to Sulhaddin Akbar, chair of the "Open Society" party, there were questions and differing opinions on the matter. Although it is 11 months until the elections, there is still a split in the opposition. Therefore, the discussion of the memorandum aims to unite the opposition around a single election document. If it is impossible to amalgamate the opposition into a single association, it is necessary to implement a functional cooperation. It is also necessary to define a common strategy of the opposition in the transition to democracy, said Akbar.

One of the authors of the Memorandum, lawyer Hafiz Hasanov said that the document reflects proposals from all parties to change the Electoral Code. Included in the document is the request for restoration of the proportional system, revision of electoral commissions, an improved nomination process, creation of fair conditions for the election campaign, and consideration of complaints regarding violations of the right to vote.

The group that prepared the document considers it important to change those items of the Election Code that guarantee fair elections.

The authors believe it is important to ensure balance in the formation of election commissions, to remove obstacles to registration of candidates, to prolong the registration term to 120 - days and extend the campaign period to 60 days.

Special attention should be given to the freedom of assembly and creation of equal conditions for candidates' speeches in the media. As a result, it was proposed to discuss the memorandum and other political associations.

* Consultative Mejlis of Democratic Forces was established in September 2012 and is comprised of 14 political parties. The main objective of  CMDF is to achieve democratic changes.-05C04-       


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