Court dismissed the appeal by Rauf Mirkadirov

Today in Baku Court of Appeal a hearing was held on the appeal by the journalist Rauf Mirkadirov on the violation by the leadership of the MNS jail of his right to meetings and telephone conversations with his family, as well as subscription to newspapers of his choice.

As Turan was told by the lawyer Elmar Suleymanov, on April 25 the defense filed a complaint with the investigating authority in connection with the violation of human rights of Mirkadirov.

However, on May 7 the investigator of the Prosecutor General Ibrahim Lemberansky took the decision to restrict these rights of Mirkadirov. In this regard, the defense filed a complaint in the Sabail court to recognize the illegal violation of Mirkadirov’s rights by the jail leadership during the period from April 25 to May 7.

However, Judge Rauf Ahmadov without notifying the lawyers considered the complaint and decided that it falls within the jurisdiction of the administrative and economic judgment.

According to the counsel, complaints during his time in prison under the legislation should be considered a judicial review by the ordinary courts. The defense appealed against the judge Ahmedov's actions in the Baku Court of Appeal. However, the judge Qadim Babayev dismissed the complaint today.

Another complaint was filed by the defense about actions of the investigator Ibrahim Lemberansky. Judge Azer Tagiyev in the Sabail court did not satisfy it either.

June 6 the complaint will be considered in the Baku Court of Appeal. During consideration of this complaint Mirkadirov’s statement is expected. The defense does not open its content yet. Next week Mirkadirov will testify the investigation.

 Mirkadirov was arrested April 19 immediately after the deportation from Turkey. He was accused of espionage in favor of Armenia and 21 April the court chose a preventive measure of arrest for three months against him.

The journalist denied the accusation, considering it absurd and refusing to testify. But the day before, he decided to testify the investigation to provide clarity on certain issues. -16B06 -

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