Erdogan turned to Armenians

Ankara/24.04.18/Turan: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan sent a message to the participants of the religious service in the Armenian Apostolic Church of Istanbul. "We share the pain experienced by fellow citizens of ethnic Armenians. This requires the conscience and moral foundations of the Turkish people, "reads the message of the head of state. "My dear Armenian compatriots, I greet you with love. Today you gathered under the roof of the Istanbul Armenian Patriarchate in memory of the Ottoman Armenians who died in the difficult and alarming conditions of the First World War," the address said.

Erdogan said that he expresses his sincere condolences to the children and grandchildren of Ottoman Armenians, who lost their lives. "We were a nation that did not share throughout history.

We did not distinguish between our faith, our language, our religion, our ethnic and cultural identity, and today we are trying to strengthen our brotherhood, peace and tranquility, preserving our heritage as a single nation. We will continue to search for solutions to your problems," the appeal says.

"For the Turkish nation it is necessary to be a partner in the history of our Armenian citizens, to share their bitterness. We will continue to find solutions to your problems and will not be allowed to treat any other citizen differently because of his beliefs, religion and traditions. I ask you not to give an opportunity to those who today have distorted our common past and encouraged hatred and hostility in history.

With this in mind, I respect the Ottoman Armenians, whom we lost in the First World War," the appeal says. -02D-

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