European Court reviews 120 complaints about violation of property rights in Azerbaijan

Baku/31.10.17/Turan: The European Court of Human Rights has started investigation of 120 complaints from Azerbaijan on violation of property rights, reads a message published on the ECHR website. 120 cases are combined in five industries. The applicants are the owners of apartments and commercial facilities in the regions of the country. Their facilities were demolished and they did not agree with the amounts of compensation, and local courts rejected their claims. Some applicants were issued apartment orders, but they could not get housing.

Another group of applicants complains about the unjustified abolition of their ownership of land and the refusal of local courts to restore their rights. The ECHR started communication on these complaints, giving the government of Azerbaijan three months to answer the questions posed.

Complaints raise issues of violation of the right to a fair trial, respect for private life, etc. The applicants pay them appropriate compensation for material and moral damage. -05D06-

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