Family of Abulfaz Elchibey requires termination of speculation of his name

“The family of the deceased Abulfaz Elchibey did not apply to law enforcement agencies to conduct any investigation in connection with his death,” said Agil Samadbayli,  son-in-law of the deceased, commenting on the message  of Baku Prosecutor Office on filing a lawsuit on  poisoning Elchibey’s poisoning.

"We consider it unserious  to file a lawsuit without  the appeal of the family on the basis of statements by persons. This is unserious and calls into question the objectives of such an investigation," Samadbayli told Turan in telephone.

Samadbayli said that he has made  this statement on behalf of Elchibey’s family members.

"At various times there were various speculations about the name of Elchibey. We ask and demand an end  these speculations, as they make disquiet the family of  Abulfaz Elchibey," said Samedbeyli.—06B-


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