Foreign Ministry announced its reliability is not an employee

Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry made a strange statement in which there are more questions than answers. The statement read that the former employee of Azerbaijan’s Embassy in Australia Anar Hasanov sent a letter to the mass media of «provocative, slanderous and insulting" nature. It is not reported what is a provocation, slander and defamation, and against whom the slander or insult was.

 The statement said that "for serious violation of the law on diplomatic service, the provisions of the Charter of the Foreign Ministry and the labor contract, for severe service violations committed during the period of activity, Anar Hasanov, being an employee of the Embassy of Australia, was relieved of his duties and recalled from the long trip ".

It is further reported that "some time ago" serious violations of official Anar Hasanov  were revealed, during his work in the Azerbaijani Embassy in Romania, and he was prematurely recalled from long business trip, and disciplinary action was applied against him.

Then it is reported that  sending by  Anar Hasanov "a number of documents in the media is another serious violation of the law and irresponsible behavior."

From the message it is impossible to understand  what Hasanov  had done, where he is and why the Foreign Ministry for so many years observed  his bad behavior.

According to the unofficial data, Hasanov unveiled facts that discredit the Azerbaijani authorities and the leadership of the Foreign Ministry. After he criticized the officials of the City Hall for their indifference to the victims of the fire in the Binagadi district of Baku, the diplomat was  declared an enemy and fired. -02D-

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