Gubad Ibadoglu is administered maximum possible dose of insulin in detention centre

Gubad Ibadoglu is administered maximum possible dose of insulin in detention centre

Lawyer Shahla Humbatova, who visited the Kurdahany detention centre, reported the deterioration of health of political prisoners held in the detention centre.

Note that the health condition of economics professor Gubad Ibadoglu has significantly deteriorated. "Gubadoglu's blood sugar has grown, now the index is at its maximum level. The doctor prescribed the patient an even higher proportion of insulin and warned that there are no other ways to lower the sugar, no more. Ibadoglu is now being administered the maximum permissible dose of the drug," the lawyer said.

Recall that Gubad Ibadoglu, who has been under investigation since 23 June 2023, is accused of making, acquiring or selling counterfeit money.

Add that an infection got into the eye of journalist Nargiz Absalamova, imprisoned in the detention centre, and the girl caught a cold.  "Apparently, her immune system has weakened. The doctor has prescribed medication for her, a drug is injected into the patient's vein," Absalamova's lawyer noted.

On 1 December 2023, the Khatai district court of Baku ruled to arrest Nargiz Absalamova on charges of conspiracy to smuggle money into Azerbaijan. She and other journalists of "Abzas Media" and "ToplumTV" media resources are accused of illegal financing of the said websites.

The Union "For Freedom of Political Prisoners of Azerbaijan" announced a new list of political prisoners. As compared to the previous list announced in early December, the number of political prisoners has risen by 43 people, totalling 288 prisoners. Numerous Azerbaijani and international organisations have spoken in defence of Ibadoglu, Absalamova and imprisoned politicians and journalists, demanding the urgent release of all political prisoners in Azerbaijan.

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