Ilham Aliyev receive the new EU Special Representative for the South Caucasus

On July 23 Ilham Aliyev received  the EU delegation led by Herbert Salber, a Special Envoy for the South Caucasus.

Ilham Aliyev expressed confidence that the visit will provide an opportunity to familiarize with the situation in the region. The Head of State said again that Azerbaijan supports the peaceful settlement of the conflict. "However, Armenia showing unconstructive position, does not adhere to any international law, or  the statements of the heads of co-chair countries," he said.

"If the problem is not resolved within the framework of international law and justice, the situation in the region is even more complicated," said Aliyev.

The German diplomat Herbert Salber  was appointed  the EU Special Representative in July. This is his first visit to the region in  this new position. His predecessor, was a French diplomat Philippe Lefort. -16D04-

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