In Israel, They Want "Justice for Khojaly"

In the Tel Aviv Diaspora Museum the exhibition Justice for Hojaly (Tzedek le Khojaly) opened on February 25, dedicated to the mass murder of the people of this town of Azerbaijan by Armenian militants on February 26, 1992, the website South Caucasus Gerald reported.

The Museum of the Diaspora is one of the largest and most famous museums in Israel. "We have been trying to convey to the Israeli public the truth about the Khojaly tragedy, and with it - about the Karabakh conflict as a whole, but in the exhibition Museum of the Diaspora it is, of course, a new level, - said CEO of the International Association Azerbaijan-Israel (Aziz) Lev Spivak. “I am sure that this exhibition will not go unnoticed by Israelis, and we, for our part, will do everything possible," he said.

The opening of the exhibition will be accompanied by the speeches of the victims of the Khojaly tragedy, which will be attended by the chairman of Aziz, a former Knesset member Alex Miller, the former deputy defense minister Ephraim Sneh, as well as a number of current ministers and Knesset members.

As part of the Azerbaijani delegation to come to the exhibition, there are a number of MPs and prominent public figures of the country.

According to rumors circulating in Israel, the Armenian community in the country is preparing, on the opening day, to hold a protest near or at the Museum of the Diaspora, Tel Aviv University.

"We are ready for such an action, and we believe that in the end it will only benefit the business,” said Lev Spivak. “We are ready to discuss and talk to our opponents. Do they protest? They insist that the claims of Azerbaijan about the Khojaly tragedy are lies and innuendo of Azerbaijan. Well, let's make an academic conference in the same Tel Aviv University, invite historians, journalists, witnesses of the tragedy - and talk." Though I think that dialogue will not take place, as such a conference will present the facts, to deny which it is meaningless," said Lev Spivak. -02D-


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