Joint Exercises of Azerbaijani and Turkish Armed Forces Involved 1,000 Military

More than 1,000 personnel are involved in the joint tactical exercises of the armed forces of Azerbaijan and Turkey that started on May 12.

According to the press service of the Defense Ministry, on May 12 there was the first stage of the exercise.

According to the same source, the exercise involves about 1,000 men, 80 armored vehicles, 60 artillery pieces and mortars, 12 military transport helicopters, and air force and air defense units.

The main purpose of the exercise is to develop coordination between the armed forces of Azerbaijan and Turkey, the exchange of experience, achieving interoperability between military units, increasing the ability of the joint planning staffs, increasing the combat readiness of personnel and others.

The exercise will work out the problem of organizing and conducting an offensive against the defending enemy, seize armored favorable position in the intended direction, break the enemy defense lines, transfer tactical air assault in the rear of enemy units, and examine issues related to the interaction of air defense forces.

As further noted in the report the Ministry of Defense, infantry, tank, missile, artillery and anti-aircraft units, and helicopter crews will be fighting to make shots. The exercises will finish on May 16.

Azerbaijani Defense Ministry on its website spread photos and videos of the exercises ( Earlier it was reported that the exercises will be held in Baku and the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. -06D--

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