Kamran Əliyev

Kamran Əliyev

Baku / 15.01.20 / Turan: In 2019, employees of the anti-corruption department under the prosecutor general detained 19 people at the crime scene. This was announced at a press conference by the head of this department, Kamran Aliyev.

Another 17 people were detained as being wanted. Based on corruption data, 49 criminal cases have been instituted.

50 criminal cases against 101 persons were related to embezzlement and embezzlement, 55 cases - to fraud using official position, 18 cases - to abuse of official duties, 20 cases - to bribery, 43 cases - to bribe and other corruption crimes, he said.

Kamran Aliyev did not name a single name and did not specify what kind of corruption cases in question. He also did not comment on numerous international scandals in which Azerbaijani citizens, including deputies, businesspersons and officials, were accused of corruption. In particular, nothing was said about allegations of bribery of deputies of the Council of Europe, members of the European Parliament, who observed the elections, corruption frauds and the export of large sums of money to offshore companies, the acquisition of real estate abroad by government officials.

Kamran Aliyev also pretended not to hear about a criminal case in London against the wife of ex-head of the Interbank Jahangir Hajiyev, who was sentenced to 17 years. -02D-


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