Khadija Ismayilova does not obey

Bailiffs started collecting fines from activists detained during a protest in Baku on January 26. This action was carried out in solidarity with the residents of Ismailli  region, and three of its members were arrested for 13-15 days, and another 15 were fined from 300 to 2,500 manat.

Today a journalist Khadija Ismayilova was summoned to the Binagadi district department of execution of court decisions, and was demanded to pay a fine of 400 manats.

As reported by Turan journalist, she waived the payment of the fine, as she believes the court's decision is illegal and based on a fabricated police testimony.

The journalist was warned that in this case a relevant article of the Criminal Code might be applied against her. Then the clerk of the court decisions execution department, in a "friendly" manner, advised her to pay the fine "in parts."

Expressing gratitude for the good advice, a journalist, said that she had no other choice but to express civil disobedience. "Therefore, I will not pay a fine,"  said Ismailova.

According to Article 306 of the Criminal Code, non-execution of the court decision is punishable of up to two years in prison.-16D06-


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