Mehman Huseynov is promised that his identity will be returned (UPDATED)

 The blogger Mehman Huseynovwas  promised that his identity card will be returned on  9 September, the blogger was told in the Sabail district police office, where he was on Monday. On 6  September Center ASAN  Sabunchi district refused to issue him identity, and them detd him, said Huseynov; on September 7 in the Sabail police he met with the investigator, who promised to resolve the problem for identification.

In June 2012 Huseynov was accused of hooliganism. In November 2014 he was not let out of the country under the pretext of the presence of this case. Then his identity  and passport were seized. Later, he was released, but the documents were not returned.

* Huseynov is  known for his  satirical publications, photo and video denouncing the vices of officials and law enforcement bodies. Previously, it was repeatedly detained and interrogated by the police and prosecutor's office.

Mehman is  brother of Emin Huseynov , the Director of the Institute of Reporters Freedom and Safety, a political emigrant who left Azerbaijan in June 2015 with the assistance of Swiss because of persecution.-06D-

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2015 September 06 (Sunday) 17:37:31

The blogger Mehman Huseynov on September 6 was again detained by police when he tried to obtain an identity card in the center of ASAN in the Sabunchu district.

In November last year, the blogger was not released from the country under the pretext of the criminal case instigated against him in the summer of 2012 on charges of hooliganism. Then he was seized the passport and identity card.

As the blogger himself said, he recently appealed to the Interior Ministry and was told that there were no restrictions on receiving his documents there.

Three days ago he applied to the ASAN center in the Sabunchu district, where he was also assured that there were no problems to obtain identity documents and that after three days he could come for the document.

On Sunday, in the center ASAN the blogger was told that the document would be issued and he was offered to wait a little until it became printable.

It turns out that this was done in order to detain the blogger there until the police arrived.

M. Huseynov was taken to the 13th police station of Sabunchu, which stated that the "stop" on the issue of the document was imposed by the Sabail police three years ago, when they instituted the criminal case against him.

The blogger released under a subscription to visit the Sabail police on September 7.

He regards the refusal to issue the identity card as a gross violation of his civil rights and pressure in connection with the activities of the blogger.

M. Huseynov is known for his satirical publications, photos and videos that denounced the vices of officials and law enforcers.

Earlier, in connection with his activities, the blogger was repeatedly detained and interrogated by the police and the prosecutor's office.

He is the brother of the director of the Institute of Reporters Freedom and Safety Emin Huseynov, who is pursued in Azerbaijan because of his human rights activities.

Fleeing from unwarranted prosecution in August 2014> Emin Huseynov was forced to take refuge in the Swiss embassy until June 2015. In June 2015 the authorities allowed him to leave Azerbaijan and deprived him of his citizenship. -06D--

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