Musavat decided to participate in municipal elections

Baku/14.04.14/Turan : The Musavat party on Saturday at the session of its Majlis decided to participate in the upcoming December 2014 municipal elections.

"I am a supporter of the engagement of the party in the municipal elections . We must mobilize all efforts to participate in these elections . This is important from the point of view of preparing for the parliamentary elections , which are also not far away," said the leader of the party, Isa Gambar.

The decision was taken by an overwhelming majority in favor, one against and one abstention.

It was also decided to entrust the district party organizations to begin preparations for the elections to nominate candidates in all municipalities.

In addition, Musavat intends to appeal to the authorities and international organizations with a view to amending the electoral law.

Musavat, as well as other opposition parties, considers important change in the composition of election commissions, and their withdrawal of control by the ruling party New Azerbaijan.

The system of local self-government in Azerbaijan was established in 1999 when the first municipal elections were held. Then 2,757 municipalities were formed. However, as a result of mergers and deductions the number has decreased significantly and is now not much more than 1,700. -06D-


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