Activist arrested in Salyan is not allowed to meet with a lawyer.

A lawyer Alaif Hasanov was not allowed in Salyan Regional Police Station to meet with his client, a local NGO activist "Promoting Democracy" Tofig Gasimov. He was arrested administratively for 10 days on April 4 on charges of hooliganism.

On April 12, he arrived in Salyan regional police, presented a warrant, and requested a meeting with the prisoner. However, he was denied. After a while came a police officer and introduced himself as the chief of the investigation department. This police officer said to meeting with the prisoner the court's decision is necessary.

The lawyer says that this demand is illegal because under Article 375 of the Administrative Code for a meeting with the prisoner to the administrative court approval is not required. Nevertheless, the lawyer called the head of Salyan region court Khagani Tagiyev.

The latter said that the meeting with sentenced to administrative arrest court approval is not required.

At the same time, the judge also refused to provide counsel the court's decision on the arrest of Gasimov, citing the fact that "today is not a working day."

The lawyer called the district prosecutor's office, and asked to assist in securing their legitimate rights. However, the prosecutor declined to meet with him, saying that he is "far away."

Then Hasanov called the chief of police, who asked to call back in 10 minutes, but then did not answer the telephone.

The Lawyer intends to file a complaint against the illegal actions by police Salyan Attorney General.

"The fact that I was not allowed to Tofig Gasimov strengthen my anxiety for his fate. We have information that false charges   of extortion are prepared against Gasimov, and he himself is subjected to physical pressure. All this is aimed against NGOs "Promoting democracy" and its activists," said the lawyer Hasanov.

The NGO "Promotion of Democracy" is headed by a civil society activist and human rights defender Emil Mammadov known in the southern region. He several times made public facts on corruption in the regional power structures.—06B-- 

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