National Council condemns the rise in fuel prices

The National Council of Democratic Forces (NCDF) strongly condemned the decision of the government of Azerbaijan to increase from December 3, prices for gasoline and diesel fuel. The National Council adopted on December 3 a statement calling this decision as "illegal and unjust step."

In violation of the law "On administered prices " , as well as provisions of Article 3.15 of the Tariff Board , prices have been increased without any socio- economic assessment, consideration the needs of the market and the purchasing solvency of the population , the document says.

The increase of energy prices will cause a dramatic rising cost of other goods and services. This solution does not meet the standard of living and in the interests of oligarchs, but is also aimed at filling the non-transparent state budget due to inflation .

According to official forecasts, from rising government prices the government plans to attract to the state budget 270 million manat. Calculations show that the owners of cars using petrol Aİ- 92, will spend an additional 32 manat monthly. And users of gasoline Aİ- 95 - will spend an additional 40 manat.

If earlier the average Azeri spent for these purposes 19.8 % of their income, now this figure will increase to 22.9 %.

The Tariff Council's decision will inevitably lead to higher cost of travel by intercity , suburban and inter-village bus routes.

Then will be the rise in prices for electricity, natural gas , water, and will cause the increase of prices for consumer products and in particular food market, and promote the growth of inflation , said the statement.

According to the authors of the statements in the 2014 double-digit inflation is inevitable.

"The current rise in prices without economic foundations is the policy of plundering the people, and it will even more worsen living standards. With the current low salaries, pensions and benefits , price increases will further complicate the situation of the population , striking primarily low-income groups.

Increase of fuel price is inevitable in the agriculture, and in the near future, is inevitable rise in prices in this area. Taking into account that the National Council called on the authorities to stop the practice of price increase, and expand social programs to compensate for the additional costs with regard to the rise in price of goods and services, " reads the statement. –06D—


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