National Council of Democratic Forces Condemns Blocking Ali Karimli

Baku / 15.04.20 / Turan: The National Council of Democratic Forces in its statement condemned the blocking of the Internet and mobile communications of the Popular Front Party Chairman Ali Karimli, regarding it as censorship of the opposition leader.

The NCDF called the “provocation of the authorities” the dissemination of statements on the Internet on behalf of Ali Karimli and the opposition with calls to go out and arm themselves against the authorities.

“The National Council calls on the Azerbaijani government not to lose a sense of responsibility and to refrain from increasing tension by such provocative actions,” the statement said.

It is further noted that the government must abandon plans to use the pandemic to completely suppress the opposition and critical voices, which will completely discredit the authorities in the eyes of the local and international community.

The National Council calls on the people to be vigilant in the face of provocations, and in all circumstances to observe the rules of quarantine, to take care of the health of every person and to demand respect for fundamental rights from the government by all peaceful means.

The National Council also calls on the international community to use more effective means to deter the government of Azerbaijan from erroneous steps.   —0—


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