National Council on inhuman conditions in places of administrative arrest

Baku / 31.01.20 / Turan: The National Council of Democratic Forces (NCDF) issued a statement, drawing attention to the increase in the number of politically motivated administrative arrests. Their duration also increased.

As a rule, activists are arrested for 15-30 days, but sometimes for 60 days. The punishment of activists for such a long time requires special attention to the conditions of detention in places of detention. Most often they are kept in the detention center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Binagadi district of Baku, in this place the conditions are harsh and more severe than in the pre-trial detention center.

Prisoners are given a five-minute meeting with loved ones through a glass partition. You can only give cookies, soft drinks, sugar and cigarettes. Home food cannot be transferred, just like fruits, vegetables, cheese, etc. Because of poor quality of food in the detention center, the ban on home food is inhumane treatment.

Walking per day is allowed only once every five minutes, although by law they are supposed to stay in the fresh air per day for three hours.

Another absurd rule is restrictions on watching TV shows. Prisoners cannot watch channels of their choice - this is decided by the administration.

Toilets are separated from the cells by only half walls. At the same time, dining tables are right next to the toilets.

Activists are kept in different cells to isolate each other. During the arrest of activists, law enforcement agencies are trying to recruit in order to persuade them to cooperate with the authorities.

The NCDS requires the government to eliminate these problems, improve conditions of detention and the regime of detention, and end pressure on those arrested for political reasons.

“The situation there should also be in the focus of attention of international organizations monitoring in this area, and the civil society of Azerbaijan should help coordinate the work of these structures,” the statement said. —06D-


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