PACE President urged to respect the territorial integrity of the members of the Council of Europe

At the beginning of this month, violence sparked again in

conflict over the Nagorno-Karabkh region, causing a high number of casualties, including civilians along and around the contact line. I deplore this loss of life and the violence.

Thanks to the clear and unequivocal calls to stop violence by the international community, a fragile cease-fire has been put in place once again. I reiterate my strong belief that both sides have to de-escalate, end the violence and respect the ceasefire.

I have always expressed full support for the territorial integrity of all 47 member states and called for international law to be respected. International law provides a legal framework for the peaceful settlement of disputes.  Both Armenia and Azerbaijan have to live up to the commitments they have entered into upon accession to the Council of Europe and find the political will to resolve, in a peaceful manner, the conflict that divides them.

Although the Council of Europe has no direct mandate in the settlement of the conflict over the Nagorno-Karabakh region, I believe that parliamentary diplomacy may help bring positions closer. As elected representatives, we cannot afford not to talk to each other. We must build bridges and help restore confidence and trust, which is essential for any meaningful discussion about the settlement of conflicts. I shall continue to keep this issue high on my agenda.

At the same time, I have to stress that, as Parliamentarians, we have to set an example for our citizens and refrain – in our discussions – from inflammatory rhetoric. We must show respect, utmost caution and restraint in our statements, and, avoid personal attacks. Our Assembly is the House of Democracy and we must live up to this high standard and expectations of our citizens.-16D-

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