PKNFA announced the boycott of early presidential elections

Baku / 17.02.18 / Turan: The supreme Mejlis of the "Classic" party of the Popular Front of Azerbaijan (CPPFA) decided to boycott the extraordinary presidential elections scheduled for April 11, said the party leader, Mirmahmud Miralioglu.

"The Supreme Majlis decided to boycott taking into account the opinion of activists and the public about the absence of conditions for holding free, fair and democratic elections based on the decisions of the district and city organizations of the pariah, and the Supreme Majlis also decided to consult with organizations that do not participate in the elections," said Miralioglu.

Earlier, the National Council of Democratic Forces (NCDF) announced the boycott of the elections. The Musavat Party, the Umid Party, announced that they will not participate in the elections. The Movements "Republican Alternative", NIDA, and the Movement for Democracy and Welfare declared about not recognizing the results of the elections.-06D--

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