Poland refused to extradite Elhan Nuriyev to Azerbaijan

Baku/20.12.22/Turan: Elhan Nuriyev, a former resident of the Gubadli region, detained on October 2 in Poland, was released today, the head of the Democracy and Prosperity Party, Gubad Ibadoglu. According to him, the Polish court refused to extradite Nuriev to Azerbaijan, where he was put on the wanted list by Interpol. It is not yet known how the court justified the refusal to extradite Nuriyev.

He is accused of being the organizer of a serious crime in August 1993 - the murder of the prosecutor, judge and other law enforcement officers of the Gubadli region, who did not organize the defense of the region during the Armenian offensive.

The murder was committed by the Garangush self-defense detachment, of which Nuriev was also a member. Other members of the detachment during the trial stated that they punished the leadership of the region precisely for cowardice and did not fulfill their duties, which led to the occupation of the region by Armenian troops.

Nuriyev emigrated to Ukraine in the autumn of 1993, where he later received the citizenship of this country. ---21B06---

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