Political Refugees Urge PACE to Investigate Corruption Facts

On Monday morning, before the building of the Council of Europe, a picket was held with demands to investigate corruption in the PACE and to release political prisoners in Azerbaijan. The action was organized by the Institute for Reporters Freedom and Safety (IRFS) and was attended by a group of Azerbaijani political emigrants living in Europe.

A participant of the action, co-founder of IRFS, Emin Huseynov told Turan that, in addition to the picket, the activists distributed 300 copies of the appeal of 58 civil society representatives at the PACE. The appeal calls to investigate cases of corruption identified by the Milan prosecutor's office against the former Vice-President of the Assembly Luca Volonte and reflected in the report European Stability Initiative. It reports on several members of the Azerbaijani delegation bribing PACE members to make decisions in favor of the Azerbaijani authorities.

 Huseynov said only one of the 58 signatories renounced his signature and is under pressure. The appeal of the activists will be considered in the political groups of the Assembly. -06B-

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