Preliminary Court Hearing on Lawsuit Filed by Turan News Agency against Local Income Department of Ministry of Taxes

Baku / 27.09.17 / Turan: On September 27, Baku Administrative Economic Court No. 1 held a preparatory hearing on the lawsuit filed by the Turan news agency against the Baku Local Income Department of the Ministry of Taxes.

The agency requests that the August 7 decisions on additional tax sanctions for the period 2014-2016 be declared illegal, as well as the extraordinary on-site inspection of the news agency. It was on the basis of this decision that a criminal case was initiated against the news agency on non-payment of taxes.

Judge Museib Bayramov proposed to combine this claim in one proceeding with another claim of the Turan agency, which contains a request to declare illegal the August 16 decision on the tax audit of the news agency for the period from 2010 to 2016.

The parties agreed to this. The claim was adjourned on October 11, when the second lawsuit was due to be held.

Director of the Turan agency Mehman Aliyev suggested holding meetings in a more spacious room, taking into account the increased attention of the media and the public to this litigation. The judge said that this issue will also be considered on 11 October.

* The local revenue department in May appointed the agency Turan sanctions for 2016 for 4,000 manat. However, after the administrative complaint of Turan, the higher instance of the Ministry of Taxes canceled this decision in late June. Then, on August 7, the same department for the year 2016 has already charged 9,000 manats of taxes, and for 2014-2016. - 37 thousand manats, and a criminal case was opened against the agency.

On August 25, director of the agency Mehman Aliyev was arrested. However, on September 11, he was released on his own recognizance. -06D--

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