Preliminary hearing in the caseof Siraj Kerimli

Baku  Serious  Crimes Court, chaired by Ahmed Guliyev, held a preparatory hearing in the case Siraj Kerimli accused  of  having drugs. He is the son of an activist of the party "Musavat", Ragif Kerimli, brother and deputy chairman of the organization Faraj Kerimli, who is also under arrest on the same charges. SirajKerimli was arrested on July 17, 2014, and charged under Article 234.4.3 (illegal purchase or possession of drugs on a large scale with intent to sell.)

His brother Faraj Kerimli, as deputy chairman of the youth organization "Musavat" and facebook activist, was arrested on 23 July. After his arrest, he was elected in absentia vice-president of "Musavat".

Arif Hajili , the head of the party "Musavat", believes that S.Kerimli  was mistakenly arrested instead F.Kerimli.

"But then they did not correct the error, and Faraj was arrested,"  said Hajili.

International human rights organization Amnesty International recognized the two brothers "prisoners of conscience."

In turn, the lawyer Nemat Kerimli brought to the attention of the judiciary, that the two brothers are political prisoners. He asked for the replacement of the preventive measure of arrest to house arrest.

N.Kerimli also pointed to the involvement of state attorney for S. Kerimli before the initiation of criminal proceedings. In particular, the state attorney signed  the protocol  of inspection S.Kerimli’s clothes. N.Kerimli requested to delete this protocol from the list of evidence, since the signing of the protocol  by state lawyer  is contrary to the law. The public prosecutor opposed the petitions, and said that the investigation was conducted in accordance with the requirements of the legislation.

The Court rejected the application, and  consideration of the case was scheduled for 11:30 on 12 February. -03C-

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