Press office of the Interior Ministry denies the fact of torture of PFPA activist

The Press Service of the Interior Ministry has denied allegations of torture against the PFPA activist Turkel Alisoy.

The head of the Press Service Orkhan Mansurzadeh in a statement for the agency Turan called disinformation the news about abuse and violence against Turkel Alisoy.
"We categorically refute the widespread information about torture against Alisoy. Reports of Alisoy in handcuffs in the 35th police station, use of torture against him is innuendo, slander, provocation and disinformation. This news has been released in order to attract public attention and to present him as a martyr with trampled rights," he said.
Mansurzadeh considers unrealistic the written message from the person subjected to administrative detention. "This office is a specific institution with serious administrative and disciplinary rules and writing and sending letters by the inmates is excluded," he said.
Turkel Alisoy was detained by police on March 5 and on March 6 the court decided to arrest him for 20 days for disobeying police.
According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, before taking him to the place of administrative detention, Alisoy underwent a medical examination, which did not reveal any signs of violence or abuse: "If the party (PFPA - Editor) statement was true, it would get the confirmation during a medical examination. Based on this, we can conclude that the distributed news is misinformation made ​​for the purpose of politicizing the issue and forming an opinion of human rights violations in the country and to tarnish the good image of the police in the society."


PFPA blames Aliyev for the torture of activists

The Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan (PFPA) issued a statement in which it strongly condemned the torture of the youth activist of the organization, Turkel Alisoy, in in the Khatai Baku City Police.

The statement says that Alisoy sentenced to 20 days of administrative arrest on March 5 was subjected to torture and inhuman treatment in the Khatai District Police Office of Baku and its 35th station.
In the district office Alisoy was beaten and demanded " to work for the police ."
In the 35th station he was handcuffed to a chair, not given food and water, to make him confess that he refused to subordinate to the police. When Alisoy refused this, he was told that otherwise he would be accused of drug possession.
After that, the activist was forced to confess that he did not subordinate to the police.
"It is symbolic that Turkel Alisoy was subjected to torture by Javid Usubov (Head of the 35th station), whom Ilham Aliyev awarded a medal For Courage.
PFPA strongly condemns the incident and believes that Ilham Aliyev directly bears the responsibility for this inhuman treatment by the police," the PFPA statement said.
The authors of the statement believe that the cause of the barbarous treatment of the police with political activists is their confidence in their impunity based on the statement by Ilham Aliyev, "I will not punish the police."
PFPA encourages the authorities that if they can not stop the illegal arrests , at least they should "adequately maintain the enmity " and should not treat defenseless prisoners badly and treat them as prisoners of war or hostages.
PFPA urged local and international human rights organizations and the countries of the Council of Europe to pay attention and condemn the practice of torture in the Azerbaijani police. -06d -

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