REAL transforms into a party

Civil Movement “Republican Alternative” (REAL) will be transformed into a political party. New party’s line will be built in accordance with the views of the leaders of the future of Azerbaijan. So, REAL stands for the transformation of Azerbaijan from a presidential republic into a parliamentary republic, said at a press conference on January 24, executive secretary of REAL Movement, Natig Jafarli. The party will build their territorial structures not on the administrative divisions of the country, but on 125 constituencies - the number of MPs. The party also advocates reform of the administrative-territorial structure and creation instead of 84 districts, 20-21 enlarged units - provinces (EL.)

Branches of the party will  form a party structures, which will have one representative in the Majlis of the  party. The congress will elect for the Majlis another 40 members of  the party. Majlis will form the Board and head the current leadership.

Prior to the Congress will be formed an initiative group. For state registration at least 1,000 people should  join the initiative group. 

The founding congress be held in May 2015, however, before the REAL intends to participate in the municipal elections.

In May 2014 REAL also begin preparations for parliamentary elections, and to determine their candidates by county.

Future Party does not intend to  join political blocs , but admits tactical cooperation with the political forces in the parliamentary elections. The ideological basis of the party is based on the principles of minimization of state intervention in all areas - the economy, education , private life , etc.

According to Jafarli, although the party is committed to the principles of liberalism, it will avoid the classical definitions of the right or left orientation.

«REAL will position itself as the progressive party serving for fixing everything that was done before by  the supporters of left ideas, as well as to ensure the free development of society and citizens," said Jafarli.

Chairman of  REAL’s  Majlis, Erkin Gadirli, informed about the program to the party.

The program consists of four sections: "Real Republic", "Real Security", "Real People", "Real Progress."

The first section is proclaimed the creation of a parliamentary republic. To achieve this goal REAL considers necessary transition period for five years for the reforms. Thus, REAL intends to participate in the presidential elections in 2018 with its current leader Ilgar Mamedov (now under arrest.)

What will be the actions of the  party if Mammadov  is  not released?

In answering this question , Gadirli said the party in any case will go to elections with its candidate.

Parliamentary republic provides a real multi-party system and political diversity. The  Institute of President will be  maintained, but with very limited functions the President, elected by parliament.

The creation of large administrative units (provinces) around the historical center - Ganja , Shaki, Lankaran, Shamakhy, etc. will allow to revitalize the economic, cultural and educational life of the country.

It is expected to  transfer to the regions part of state bodies - the Constitutional Court, Supreme Court ,  universities, scientific institutions. Head of  provinces will be elected by the population. The province will also elected people to hold its meetings.

Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic (NAR ) , due to its territorial isolation, will preserve its current status.

As for Nagorno Karabakh , it will depend on future arrangements , but REAL states that territorial belonging  of Nagorno Karabakh to Azerbaijan can not be a subject of discussion.

Local authorities will be transferred to the municipalities and the  cities will be guided by the elected mayors. 

It is also supposed to reform the judicial system, to focus investigative functions in a single body.

In unit "Real Security" offers measures to reform defense and security sector , provides a transition to a professional army , the abolition of internal troops and the establishment of the gendarmerie , the subordination of Staff to the Supreme Commander, the appointment of a civilian defense minister , the transition to NATO standards.

A course for European integration and alternate entry into the WTO , NATO and the EU will be chosen.

During the transition period will be implemented and financial amnesty while lustration.

Persons legalizing their capital, at the same time not be able to for 10 years to engage in politics.

Section "Real Man" suggests measures to achieve higher standards of living, and, in particular, a high level of well-being, health , science and education , culture and religion.

The section "Real Progress" provides for liberal economic policies, the development of free enterprise , environmental protection, etc.

REAL Movement was established in January 2009, and unites  currently 1,200. Its leader, Ilgar Mamedov, was arrested on false charges in connection with the riots in Ismailly  region in January 2013. -06C – 


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