R.Ibrahimbeyov: National Council is not a Project of Moscow

A National Council is required, due to the upcoming presidential election. If people want elections to be transparent and fair, they should make the effort. Together, democratic forces can effectively settle, said Rustam Ibrahimbeyov, a co-chair of the Forum of Intellectuals in his interview with the radio "Azadlig".

Speasking about the forms of the association, he said they might be different. Ibrahimbeyov  told that during the Azerbaijan People's Republic there was a National Council. The first and most important goal of the National Council is an election. After the election, there will come a transitional period which is to determine a program, said Ibrahimbeyov.

"When the idea of ​​creating the National Council emerged, it was supported by the leaders of the major parties. However, time passed, and there are no specific solutions. So I had to contact them through a statement,” said Ibrahimbeyov.

The Movement “EL”, the "Musavat" party, and the PFP have met several times, they even came up with some solutions. It is necessary to invite other parties, various organizations, including human rights and well-known people, said Ibrahimbeyov, complaining there are no real lists and specific proposals.

Corruption in the country has continued to flourish, arrests of innocent people and intensified political repression is ongoing. People are unhappy, they make strikes and protests. The situation will worsen if the authorities do not begin reforms in the near future. Dialogue is necessary, otherwise the people will rise, which could lead to chaos, says Ibrahimbeyov.

The screenwriter is concerned about the situation, calling it unsafe. "It is more safe for me in the USA, where there are guarantees for my safety, but Russia  cannot provide such a guarantee, because the authorities of Azerbaijan have large opportunities in Russia. I have bodyguards, but every day, when I go out I  look around, " said Ibrahimbeyov. He categorically rejected the accusation that the National Council  is the idea from ​​Moscow.  

"The President of Azerbaijan suits Russia. Together they carry out their policies. Russia does not need democracy in Azerbaijan.  There are political consultants in Russia who help the authorities in Azerbaijan. Representatives of Baku go to Moscow, bringing money bags,  and distribute it," he said. -03D04-


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