Sergei Lavrov.

Sergei Lavrov.

Baku/19.05.23/Turan: At the trilateral meeting the Foreign Ministers of the RussiaN Federation, Azerbaijan and Armenia,  exchanged  views on the implementation of the agreements of the leaders of the three countries after the November 2020 statement, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said , commenting on the results of the completed ministerial meeting  on May 19.

The talk is about agreements on ensuring stability and security in Karabakh, unblocking transport communications under the leadership of the Working Group of Deputy Prime Ministers of the three countries, humanitarian issues, "but first of all the delimitation and demarcation of borders." For this purpose, a Border Delimitation Commission was created separately with the participation of three countries.

"And of course, a separate topic of negotiations was the peace treaty, which is now being discussed and on which the parties have begun to work, and which is being discussed with the participation of other mediators – in Washington and Brussels," Lavrov said.

"Our partners have confirmed today that it is very difficult to move forward on specific aspects of the peace treaty without delineating borders, unblocking transport communications, and improving the security situation both in Karabakh and on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border," the Russian minister said.

A meeting of the Working Group with the participation of deputy Prime Ministers on unblocking transport communications is due to take place next week. "We hope for a concrete result and the parties are already close to a final agreement. We agreed to hold a meeting of the bilateral Commission on the delimitation and demarcation of borders with the participation of the Russian Federation in the near future," Lavrov continued.

As for the peace treaty, "according to a number of articles, it was possible to bring the vision of the parties closer to the common vision, and now a bilateral meeting of ministers has begun and I hope that following its results they will inform what has been achieved," Lavrov said. ---02B---

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