I am ready to support the steps of the authorities to improve the atmosphere in the country - Rustam Ibrahimbekov

Baku/03.12.19/Turan: The dismissal of people like Ramiz Mehdiyev and Ali Hasanov are certainly positive steps that can only be welcomed. This was announced in an exclusive interview with Turan by the famous film playwright, chair of the Union of Cinematographers of the country Rustam Ibrahimbekov.

“They should have been fired a long time ago, but it would have been better if they hadn’t been appointed there at all. Much of the negative that exists in today's official ideology is the result of their activities,” Ibrahimbekov said.

He noted that the elimination of these people is only the visible part of the iceberg. “It is not yet clear what is behind this. Is this a tactical step or a change of strategy and what will it result in? ”The playwright said.

Being asked what can be blamed for this tandem, Ibrahimbekov called the crisis on the ideological front as a whole. This is an appallingly low level of television channels and the media, where everything is more or less independent and where there is no pluralism.

The situation in the sphere of culture is no better: in the theater, cinema, music and other spheres.

“I believe that the authorities eliminated the Mehdiyev-Hasanov tandem precisely for this reason, and I welcome these measures.

The last steps of the leadership make me happy and inspire optimism. The departure of old cadres who have compromised themselves and the arrival of young, educated people will certainly improve the situation.

I strongly support these steps and am ready to provide all possible assistance to the authorities in this matter, if necessary,” Ibrahimbekov emphasized. “A few years ago, cultural and public figures created the Forum of the intelligentsia, which just raised questions about the need to improve the society.

Largely thanks to Mehdiyev and Hasanov, we were represented as enemies and oppositionists who were trying to overthrow the government. Let’s hope that those who succeed them will behave differently,” Rustam Ibragimbekov said in conclusion. -02I-


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