Abnormally Warm Weather to Be Replaced by Cold and Snowfall - Ministry of Ecology Representative

Baku / 06.02.20 / Turan: In recent years, unusually warm winters have been observed in Azerbaijan and in other countries. Similar processes take place in the region, in Europe and other parts of the planet.

This is stated in the commentary of the Chief Meteorologist of the Ministry of Ecology of Azerbaijan, Umayra Tagiyeva.

Currently, the temperature on the Mediterranean coast is 24-27 degrees, which is actually spring temperature. Today in Baku, the temperature is 6 degrees above normal, and in the next two days the temperature will be + 14 + 17 degrees against the background of a strong south-west wind. In the central lowland region of the country, the temperature will rise to +20 degrees, she said.

Nevertheless, the cooling will soon come to light and long, abnormally warm weather will be replaced by cold Arctic air, which will burst into the country from the north.

So, a sharp change in weather is expected by the end of the week. So, in the evening of February 7, a strong north wind will blow at a speed of 30-35 meters per second. A significant drop in temperature and snowfall are expected on February 9. At the same time, the country's roads, especially in the foothills and mountains, will be covered with ice, the representative of the Ministry of Ecology noted. -02D-


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