According to official data, there are 28,376 drug addicted in Azerbaijan

Over the last 14 years the number of the registered drug addicted persons  in Azerbaijan increased by more than two times. According to the State Statistics Committee, in 2000, there were 14010  drug addicted people, and in 2013-  28,376.

At the same time, in 2013, for the first time with a diagnosis of "drug addiction" were registered 1509 people. Since 2010, the number of drug  addicted reduced, but the number of registered alcoholics and patients with alcoholic psychosis  increased  from 19591 in 2000 year to 21 584  in  2013 year. Of them, 879 people were registered  for the first time last year. The number of registered drug  increased since  2000  from 104 to 130.

The  number of registered psychiatric patients is also increasing. So, in 2000 there were registered 97,279 people, and in 2013 - 124 134 people.

Since 2010, every year about 5,000 people are registered for the first time with a diagnosis of mental illness.

Azerbaijan's population has reached 9.5 million people.-06D—

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