Alekper Mamedov Rejects Accusations from Defense Ministry

The human rights activist Alekper Mammadov held a press conference at the Media Centre in connection with the statement of the Chief Medical Examiner of the Defense Ministry Rasim Aliyev. Aliyev accused Mammadov of libel on August 16 and threatened

to sue him, if the defender fails to prove the facts of removal of the internal organs of soldiers for transplantation.

"The statement by Rasim Aliyev has no factual basis, and is replete with lies and insults. For this reason, I also intend to sue him in court," said Mammadov.

Concerning the removal of organs from soldiers, the human rights activist said that in his press conference regarding the death of Parviz Iskenderli – a soldier in a military unit in Barda, he just voiced an assumption of the withdrawal of the internal organs of dead soldiers.

"This was said by his mother Kifayat Iskenderli fir the first time. According to her, rumors are spread among the population of Barda that internal organs are taken from dead soldiers. I called on law enforcement agencies to pay attention to it and check this. I also found it necessary to establish an appropriate committee with experts and representatives of civil society. I did not say that such facts existed, but I said that we should check the signals," the human rights activist said.

Then he recalled the death of another soldier, Teyfur Bayev in Nakhchivan. His father, who attended the autopsy, said that his son was missing internal organs.

Facts of the kind were also stated by the former driver of the Military Prosecutor of Nakhchivan, Rahim Namazov, who is in exile now.

"All of these facts point to the need for appropriate checks and these facts were brought not by me, but by other people," said Mammadov.

The Defense Ministry’s intention to sue him in court is pressure on him for his human rights

activity. "For a long time I selflessly protect citizens. Apparently someone does not like it, and they are looking for a reason to eliminate me," said the human rights activist. -04C-







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