Ali Abbasov is not involved in the case, prosecutors

In 2016, the General Directorate for Combating Corruption under the Prosecutor General considered 9360 appeals, investigated 251 criminal proceedings, said at a press conference on January 16 the head of this Directorate  Kamran Aliyev.  On 159 (63.3%) have been filed lawsuits  , on the other appeals  have been  taken  disciplinary measures, Aliyev said. On "161 hotline" were  received 5492 complaints. In the 23 cases lawsuits have been filed. Six people suspected of corruption  were caught red- handed. In the course of operational activities, 24 people were detained. With respect to 313 officials of public and private institutions have been completed and handed over to the courts 201 criminal proceedings. Currently in production are 116 criminal cases. The courts have provided compensation to victims 33 million manats from 202 million caused damage. On the rest of the property has been arrested.Commission secretary Kamal Jafarov said that 2016 was a year of large-scale reforms in the field of corruption.  State agencies fulfilled the National Action Plan to combat corruption by 86% and 82% - National Action Plan on Open Government. However, the establishment of community councils at the ministries and departments not yet received wide practice. Responding to questions, Kamran Aliyev said that 12 criminal cases have been initiated in connection with violations of foreign exchange regulations. He also announced the continuation of the criminal investigation in respect of the five branches of the World Bank.

 In 2016 most complaints were in the banking sector. They have been investigated and sent to court 52 criminal cases. Also, the investigation was carried out on 5 criminal cases against the leaders of insurance companies. Kamran Aliyev has denied media reports that the former Minister of Communications Ali Abbasov reimbursed inflicted damage to the state. According to him, if Abbasov was charged with damages, he would have appeared before the court.

Thus, he has denied the request of lawyers arrested on "Cause of the Ministry of Communications," Abbasov bring to justice, as it repaid the government the expense of 6.8 million manat. Exposing corruption of officials of Ministry of Communications is an indicator of the political will of the authorities in the fight against corruption. "This is a criminal case lesson and the testimony of other officials of the inevitability of punishment for corruption", Aliyev said. In  2005 the Cabinet of Ministers  was requested to approve the sample declarations of the president of the income and other senior officials. However, until now it has not been done. What are the reasons? Answering this question, Kamran Aliyev said that the issue remains on the agenda. "We are in consultation with international agencies with expertise in this area. We are studying the experience of several countries. It will be," he promised to Aliyev. -03B-

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