Amiraslanov trial will continue on Monday

The third trial in the case of Ilham Amiraslanov, activist of civil society "Kura", which protects the rights of the victims of the floods in May and June 2010, will be held on September 10 at 15:00 pm in the court of Sabirabad region. 

Amiraslanov is charged with Article 228.1 of the Criminal Code (possession of firearms and ammunition). If convicted, he faces hard labor for up to two years or imprisonment up to three years. He was arrested on June 8 on charges of possessing a "Makarov" pistol and ammunition. Amiraslanov stated in the beginning that the weapon was planted, and he made a confession under torture.

A trial held last Friday, revealed serious discrepancies in the testimonies of witnesses, which makes doubtful the objectivity of the investigation.

The Court also violated the right of observers to make a video of the trial. An employee of the site  Azer Ismayilov, who also works with the British Institute of Peace and War, was removed from the court hall.—0—


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