Azerbaijan to Celebrate End of Ramadan on July 6

The completion of the holy fasting of Ramadan (Eid), is not celebrated simultaneously by Sunni and Shiite Muslims. Thus, the Sunnis celebrate the end of fasting a day before. The religious figures and theologians cannot explain clearly the reason for that.

Thus, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries have already celebrated the completion of Ramadan.

However, the countries where the majority is Shiite, celebrate the end of Ramadan on July 6. Among these countries are Iran and Azerbaijan.

Ramadan is the second most important festival after the Feast of the Sacrifice (Kurban Bayram). The exact date is determined by the phase of the moon.

In various Muslim countries, Ramadan is celebrated 1-3 days, which are days off.

The holiday is the culmination of a month of fasting, during which the faithful abstain from eating and drinking during daylight hours.

The tradition of celebrating Fitr Day dates back to the time of the Prophet Mohammed, the year 624.

During the festival people visit cemeteries to remember the dead and read excerpts from the Koran over the graves.

During the holiday Muslims distribute mandatory alms - Zakat al-Fitr.   -02D-

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