Otar Partskhaladze. Civil Georgia

Otar Partskhaladze. Civil Georgia

Tbilisi / 23.06.17 / Turan: A group of Azerbaijani investors loses $ 1.5 million in Georgia, accusing the Georgian partners of appropriating this money. The investigation has been ongoing for three years, the Georgian TV channel Rustavi 2 reports.

Azerbaijani businessmen (whose names are not mentioned) were told that they cannot return the amount to them, because they used it to buy land. Meanwhile, this territory belongs to George Kapanadze, nicknamed "The Redhead", and Ilya Kokaya. According to Azerbaijani businessmen, these people patronize their partners and are trustees of the Georgian prosecutor's office.

A member of the NGO "Law Enforcement Reform Center" Vakhtang Beridze stated that the lobbyist Kapanadze and Kokai is former chief prosecutor Otar Partskhaladze.

Land owners do not comment on the issue. It should be noted that an increasing number of investors who have invested in Georgia are claiming extortion, property seizure and corruption.

Another example of the seizure of business is the arrest of the well-known physician Farman Ceyranov, who created one of the best private clinics in Tbilisi - "Lancet".

Some time ago, he decided to sell his clinic, but Georgian buyers offered him only half of the real cost. After refusing to sell the clinic at a bargain price, Ceyranov was arrested on a far-fetched charge. His family is convinced that the case will be closed, as soon as Ceyranov agrees to sell the clinic at the suggested price. -02D-

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