Chingiz Huseynzadeh: Azerbaijan Ready to Accept Islamic Games

The members of the national team of Azerbaijan is planning to win a lot of medals in various sports in the upcoming European Games in Baku, the Vice-president of the National Olympic Committee Chingiz Huseynzadeh said in an interview with the radio Voice of America ​​and Turan.

Recall that Azerbaijan will be represented by 291 sportsmen. He called sports, where expectations are particularly high: wrestling, boxing, judo, taekwondo, sambo, and shooting.

In other sports ther are also high hopes - basketball, beach volleyball, beach football, etc..

Asked about the the effect of the European Games on the sports movement in Azerbaijan, Huseynzadeh said that in the last two or three years the country has created new federations of those sports that have not been traditional. This demonstrates the promotion of new sports in the country.

When asked how much money is spent on the European Games, Huseynzadeh noted that the data are in the Operating Company at the European Games Organizing Committee.

At the same time, many people think that Azerbaijan has built a large Olympic Stadium and a Water Stadium for the European Games. However, their construction had been planned long before the European Games.

There are temporary sports facilities and there are reconstructed and renovated ones. All of them will work after the Eurfopean Games and serve the people.

In addition, the Islamic Games will be held in Baku in 2017. "Azerbaijan is already ready for their conduct and new financial costs are not necessary," he said.

As for the critics, there is no need to mix sports and politics as sport is out of politics. According to the motto of the IOC, the Olympic Movement should be independent and not depend on any political situation. "Therefore, the NOC of Azerbaijan is not involved in politics," Huseynzade said at the end. -03B04-

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