Xasay Fərzulla

Xasay Fərzulla

Baku / 17.07.17 / Turan: The criminal case against Hasan Farzullah, head of the Masalli district organization of the opposition Musavat Party, has been taken to court.

He is accused of committing an accident, which resulted in causing the injured serious bodily harm through negligence. The preparatory hearing is scheduled for July 18.

Farzullah was brought to criminal liability in connection with the road accident that he committed on April 5 this year, the lawyer Nemat Kerimli told Turan.

The activist knocked down Rauf Tagiyev, a resident of Badalan village of Masalli region, who suddenly appeared on the road. As a result of the accident, Tagiyev was injured. Farzullah immediately took Tagiyev to the district hospital, where he received primary medical care. Subsequently, Farzullah paid for Tagiyev's treatment in Baku. Now the health status of Tagiyev is normal.

Nevertheless, according to the results of the investigation, the activist was charged under Article 263.1.1 (violation of traffic rules, which caused the infliction of grave injuries to the health of the victim by negligence) of the Azerbaijani Criminal Code, which provides for punishment of up to 3 years of imprisonment.

Farzullah himself believes the investigation "has politicized the case."

"The head of the administration of the Boradigah settlement gave the police a negative description for me. Allegedly, I "do not play a positive role in the life of society." It is emphasized that I am the chairman of the regional organization of the opposition Musavat Party. Apparently, this case is taken away from the legal plane," Farzullah said.

The examination concluded that Farzullah allegedly had a "technical opportunity" to avoid an accident. But in fact he was driving at an acceptable speed, and the pedestrian himself broke the traffic rules, coming out suddenly in the wrong place to move, the defense believes.

It should be noted that law enforcement and judicial bodies in cases of road accidents involving opposition members or their families manifest excessive severity.

E.g., in connection with the road accident, the activist of the Musavat Party, Nigar Yagublu, was once sentenced to a real prison sentence, although, as a rule, women are not held criminally liable for any accidents on the roads. Or another example: despite the absence of complaints by the victim, the daughter of the chairman of the National Council of Democratic Forces (NCDF), Jamil Hasanli, Gunel Hasanli, was sentenced to 1.5 years of restriction of freedom. She did not do an accident at all - a woman fell in front of her car. Thus the elderly woman had no claims to the driver. A real term of imprisonment was sentenced on a member of NCDF, Gurban Mammadov. He was accused of having knocked down a parking lot inspector, although another driver had committed an accident. And Mammadov was brought to justice 9 months after the accident, when he began to oppose the authorities. -06d--

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