Detention Conditions of Are Poor


A roundtable discussion on the situation in the country’s prisons took place today at the headquarters of the Musavat party. Former political prisoners spoke at the debate, talking about the presence of corruption, drug trafficking, and the abuse of prisoners' rights. Alizamin Guliyev, a former political prisoner, said all who are placed in jail N 14, can become infected with tuberculosis,  due to the jail is surrounded by several stone quarries, from where the dust and the sand constantly cover with the jail.

Those who were in the Ministry of National Security prison talked about the wild torturing of prisoners. Ahad Mammadli, who had been there, called for the closure of that prison.

The poor quality of food and water was stated. The food and water used by those who are deprived of house transmission is not normal..

Former prisoners also noted no law provision while on parole.  Participants of the meeting criticized the work by the Public Committee on monitoring prison conditions.

Panelists criticized the lack of interest by the media in socially significant litigation, and business. In conclusion, participants prepared suggestions on how to  improve conditions in detention centers, which will soon will be  published.-05C-                                                                                                     


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