Eighth court hearing on the lawsuit against "Azersu" does not give  results

On Tuesday, January 31, took place the eighth hearing in the First Baku Administrative-Economic Court at the suit of Turan Information Agency against the state-owned JSC "Azersu". At this time, the representative of "Azersu" did not come to the meeting. "He is involved in the funeral and could not come,"  said the judge Sharafat Mammadova  the director of Turan Mehman Aliyev. The next, ninth session is scheduled for February 10. Tragicomic  trial  of getting a response from the "Azersu" for the inquiry of the information agency  that has been lasting  since August 30, 2016. The law "On freedom of information" requires the defendant to respond within 7 business days. Initially, JSC "Azersu" completely ignored  the inquiries  of the information agency, but  in the course of the court hardly answered only five of the seven questions. This time, the water company has promised to answer the following questions:

- on the number, types and prices of  the meters purchased before March 29, 2016;

- on the installation of one meter price and  the indices forming the cost price.

The  information inquiry was sent  after it became known that the "Azersu" bought  meters at high prices for the  funds allocated by the presidential order on March 29, 2016. The agency believes that the price of meters and installation work  is overestimated by 5-10 times. Thus, with  the allocated 12 million AZN "Azersu"  bought 50.000 meters  at 5.5 million manat and another 6.5 million AZN  is planned to be spent on construction works. It should also be noted that the "Azersu" has broken a three-year state program on the 100% implementation of the counters in the country in 2006-2009. The company reported that by  January 1, 2017for  1,342,248 subscribers of  the "population" category  were installed  897,350 or 66.9% of meters.  For another 58775 subscribers of "uninhabited" group  were installed 48,223 meters, or 82%. It is strange that after the completion of the state program "Azersu" regularly received new funds for the  installation of  meters, though, that none of the controlling state structures was interested in the irrational use of these funds.—0--

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