F.Agayev : Court continues to violate the rights of Ilgar Mamedov

Baku/15.04.14/Turan : In the Sheki Court on Grave Crimes Judge Rashid Huseynov prevents familiarizing the leader of the Republican Alternative (REAL ) Ilgar Mamedov and his lawyer Fuad Agayev with the record of the hearing the trial of the people accused of the Ismayilli events.

Fuad Agayev told Turan that last Friday, he turned to the judge Huseynov to provide protocols of April 14-15 for reference together with his client.

On Monday Agayev arrived at the Sheki Court , however Mamedov was not brought to court.

The judge refused to provide copies to Agayev .

He was not even allowed to use his tablet to take reference of the protocols, which are about 12 volumes and 3,000 pages of records.

Agayev was offered to copy the records by hand, which greatly reduces the rate of work .

Mamedov himself for the past month after the verdict was only granted 9.5 hours to familiarize with the protocols.

According to Agayev, other attorneys and defendants are also created obstacles for acquainting with the protocols.

According to Agayev, the reasons may be different.

One of the reasons is (in the opinion of the counsel) that the minutes may reflect that the testimony of the people does not join with those as set out in the judgment.

Agayev described the actions as a continuation of the infringement of the rights of Mamedov and his lawyers.

Earlier, the lawyers filed an appeal against the verdict.

Recall that the March 17, 2013 Sheki Court of Grave Crimes sentenced 18 defendants in connection with the riots in Ismailly 23-24 January 2013. The leader of the REAL Ilgar Mammadov was sentenced to 7 years in prison and the deputy chairman of the party Musavat Tofig Yagublu - to 5 years. Eight people got up to 8 years imprisonment. The same number of defendants received suspended sentences.

EU condemned the verdict , as well as the French Foreign Ministry and the UK and the U.S. Embassies . Earlier Amnesty International recognized Yagublu and Mamedov "prisoners of conscience". -06B -

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