Trail at the claim of Philippine nurse

Serious Crime Court, chaired  by Irada Hassanzade,  held a regular meeting in  the case of a citizen of the Philippines Lianty Fediaz  on beating. The defendant in this case is a citizen of Azerbaijan, Aynur  Mehdiyeva, and  she is accused  under the Article  144-1.2.8 ( trafficking) and 144-2.1 (forced labor.)

According to the investigation, on June 13, 2013  Mehdiyeva was detained by the employees of the  Office of the Interior Ministry to combat trafficking during the operation. She left at liberty, as  she has in  a young child.

 The rights of the Filipino citizen protects  Alovsat Aliyev, the head of the NGO "Center for Migration".

According to him, Mekhtiyeva concluded a 2- year contract with the Filipino citizen about taking care of her  son. In fact, however , she was forced to do all the rest of the housework. At the same time Fediaz   passport was taken,  and  her  rights were restricted. The lawyer said the lawsuit against Mehdiyeva provides  also material compensation to 18,200 manat .

" There is enough evidence , and we expect a heavy sentence,"  said the lawyer .

According to investigators , a Filipino citizen was beaten and humiliated.  However, witnesses at today's  nearing, neighbors and security at home, claimed that Mehdiyeva  did not offend the nurse. One of the witnesses, Gunel Mammadova, said that she saw a bruise on  the nurse’s hand.

"The bruise was a result of  injure got from scissors that nurse snatched from the hands of a child; I put iodine on her hand, and  it caused a bruise ,"  said Mammadova.

The prosecutor asked the nurse  how she was injured  Lianta Fediaz reported that  her mistress beat  with scissors. "At first, she hit me on the head , and then with  a pair of scissors in the back,"  said Lianta.

The next hearing in the case is scheduled for April 21. The defendant and her lawyer refused to speak to reporters. Gunel Mehdiyeva is a  sister of Mahmud Mehdiyev, an employee of the Prosecutor Office, former husband of  Gultakin Hajibayli, who pleaded with her ​​and wanted to take away their joint child.

According to human rights activists , there are  about 900 Filipinos in Azerbaijan,  who mostly work as nannies and housekeepers. At the same time, according to the Migration Service ,  there are only 20  Filipinos in the country.

According to  Alovsat Aliyev,  there are a lot of facts of similar violations of the rights of foreign workers, but most prefer not to complain, and their rights are not protected. - 16В-

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