At the trial in the case of Parviz Hashimli court rejected the defense motion

Baku/14.04.14/Turan : Today Baku  Serious Crimes Court  the trial in the case of journalist and human rights activist Parviz Hashimli which began in late February.

According to  the lawyer Elchin Sadigov, two witnesses  did not appear. He also said that the court dismissed all the motions by protection. In particular, the court refused to send a request to the Russian military plant to find  out to  which  country were exported pistols noted in the lawsuit as evidence. According to investigators, they were imported from Iran. However, the defense questioned this version.

In addition, the court refused to request videos of alleged crossing the boundary by the  Iranian citizen named Hussein.

 Defense believes that if indeed a man named Hussein handed weapons in Bilasuvar  to other defendant  noted in the case as Tavakul Gurbanov, the border services should  have a data  on crossing border by him. If Hussein arrived in Azerbaijan by a private car, it should certainly cross  the border on the frontier point.  In general, according to the lawyer, there are many  inaccuracies and inconsistencies  in the case.

The next court hearing will be on April 17.

Parviz Hashimli was arrested  on September 17, 2013 by the employee of the Ministry of National Security.  In March  the arrest term was extended for another three months. He is charged under Articles 206.3.2 (smuggling) and 228.2.1 (illegal possession of firearms.) Journalist pleaded not guilty , saying that during the investigation he was made testify  against a number of officials who allegedly financed the opposition. He was also made slander PFPA leader, Ali Kerimli. - B04- 

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