Farmers complain that they are  deprived of lands

A group of farmers arrived from Shamakhi to Baku, complaining of the executive power, who wants to deprive130  farmers of 50 hectares of farmland, said one of the farmers  Mammadov Zahir. According to him, each farm consists of 4-5 families.

"They  want to deprive the land on which we  have been working for many years. In the 90s  we have took these sites  for rent, and the term has not expired yet. My leasing term will expire  in 2028, but  were received a letter from the Executive Power of Shamakhi region of a unilateral termination of the lease," Mammadov said.

He noted that farmers were  received by the  Minister of Agriculture who promised to give a "fair compensation." "That is,  they mean that we should refuse  the land, the same said the head of the Executive Power of the region.

According to unofficial information, a new  user of the  land  is "Paşa Holdinq", Mammadov said.

"For many years we have been growing  on these lands agricultural products and are engaged in animal husbandry. But even if the land is sold, they should offer us to buy the land. Therefore, we have decided to appeal to the central leadership and the media," Mammadov said, noting that farmers are trying to  obtain reception in the  administration of the president.-05C06-

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