Four Hundred Babies Born with Defects in Baku in January-August

Baku / 14.09.18 / Turan: 486,722 appeals were delivered to the emergency medical aid station of Baku in January-August 2018. This is stated by the Ministry of Health on the occasion of the World Primary Health Care Day, celebrated on September 13.

According to the statement, 43,220 people were hospitalized.

The number of calls related to children was 57,670, of which 7,833 were hospitalized. The Ministry notes an increase in the number of appeals related to children.

For 8 months, the number of people who applied due to the cardiovascular system exceeded 101,000. Of these, 8,768 were hospitalized. Of the 689 who underwent myocardial infarction, 649 were hospitalized. Stroke was suffered by 2,541 people, of whom 2,220 were hospitalized. Growth was also observed in the treatment associated with stroke, as well as the nervous system; in connection with the latter, specialized brigades were sent to the patients.

For 8 months out of the total number of complaints, the number of accidents amounted to 16,679. 11,553 of the applicants were hospitalized. Basically, these were injuries received in transport, in everyday life and at work.

For the indicated period 400 babies with shortage of weight or with complex defects were born in the Baku maternity hospitals. They were taken to the appropriate healthcare structures.

The World Primary Health Care Day has been celebrated annually on September 13 from 1881. In that year, there was a strong fire in a theater in Vienna, with lots of wounded and problems in providing emergency medical care. After that, in Vienna, it was decided to create an independent emergency medical service. This initiative was supported in Berlin and London.

In Azerbaijan, the first ambulance service was created by the Nobel brothers to assist workers injured at oil wells. -0-

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