Human rights activists appeal to Ilham Aliyev about R.Mirkadyrov

The human rights defenders Novella Jafaroglu, Saids Gojamanli, Saadat Bananyarly and Avaz Hasanov sent an appeal to President Ilham Aliyev in connection with the arrest of a prominent journalist Rauf Mirkadirov on charges of treason.

The human rights activists say that they are well aware of all the public figures engaged in active social and political activities since 1988.

Rauf Mirkadyrov is one of the most famous Russian-speaking journalists and researchers. His publications focus on support for the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and the exposure of the Armenian occupation of Azerbaijani territories and to protect the rights of people from the occupied territories.

In the ideological war over the Karabakh conflict it is impossible to believe in the treason of the journalist well-known outside of Azerbaijan, the appeal notes.

The human rights activists are calling the head of state to take control of the investigation into Mirkadyrov and to ensure a fair trial. -02D-

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