Lawyers of NIDA activists require acquittal

Baku/22.02.14/Turan : In the trial of activists, NIDA lawyers began speaking. Special security measures are taken: all the coming people are carefully checked. At the same time, many journalists were not allowed into the hall.

When the accused was brought into a room, present applauded. Simultaneously applause sounded from the street.

Journalists were able to communicate with the defendants that a hunger strike for the sixth day and looked pale.

Rashad Hasanov shouted: "We cannot stop the hunger strike " and Bakhtiyar Guliyev said yesterday that he was bad. Rashadat Akhundov noted that he had a stomach ache.

Zaur Gurbanly asked to comment on a hunger strike parents accused, said that the activists want to cease the hunger strike parents.

6 days of hunger strike only once the doctor examined activists. The question whether they were attending as representatives of international organizations, Ilkin Rustamzade said neither the Red Cross nor the Ombudsman visited them.

Counsel Asabali Mustafayev claimed fraud criminal case, pointing to the failure of the assertion that the accused is "organized criminal group".

The incriminated "Molotov cocktails" were actually incendiary substance. "After the event on the bottles were attached syringes with gunpowder and presented as an explosive device. He asked the court to render a verdict of acquittal.

Lawyer Yalcin Imanov also called frivolous criminal case, indicating that all activists were presented the same cookie cutter charges.

The investigation has not proved that the accused were an organized criminal group. Such is considered community with clear positions and functions, strict discipline, the presence of specific plans for the distribution of profits from criminal activities. He urged the judge announced the verdict in the eye to see in the hall.

Judge Javid Huseynov made ​​the lawyer a remark that he should make a protective speech and not accusatory.

Imanov said that activists have suffered for the realization of their right to freedom of expression. And in general, Articles 3.5, 6.8, and 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights were violated.

"The court, which could not give the acquittal, is not a court for me," said the lawyer.

Further the lawyer Nemat Kerimli spoke. He also claimed a violation of constitutional rights and freedoms of the accused.

 Speeches of the lawyers will continue on April 24. -16D –

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