Idiocy under the guise of an beautifying (Video)

The idiocy of the City authorities  under pretext  of beautification  continues to flourish in the street Gutgashenly where the mayoralty of the capital suddenly decided to widen the road.

As it often happens, the city government in the person of the mayor Hajibala Abutalibov, acts contrary to elementary logic. Thus, under the banner of the roadway expansion, the figure seized the sidewalks on one side of the street and demolished the fence of  two houses on the other side.

The entourage  of Abutalibov, like he  himself, avoids answering the question of why and on what basis they did it , and how now people will walk on the street with no sidewalks?

On  that street  there are two large objects, which a few years ago took part of the streets and sidewalks - the office of the company is "Azerkerpyu" and spa salon Narrin. One aspect relates to the Deputy Prime Minister, the second - the relatives of the head of state. However, the mayor did not dare to "take away" their illegally seized part of the street. Apparently, for the mayor the concern for the beautification involves the convenience of owners of these objects, and  not ordinary citizens.

Abutalibov is not interested in where and how  children and adults will go. The main thing for  Abutalibov  is  to complete in time the beatification of the next object. And finally,  a street where curbs  of sidewalks  abut the wall appeared in the city. -02В-

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