Ilham Aliyev: Non-priority Projects Should Be Stopped

Opening the Cabinet meeting on the first 9 months of the year, President Ilham Aliyev said on October 12 that the country's economy in this period developed, "in spite of the global economic crisis, the fall in oil prices, unreasonable pressure on our country and open provocation."

Thus, the economy grew by 3.7%, the industrial production - by 2.1%, the non-oil sector - by 10%, and the agricultural production - by 6.7%.

Inflation for the first 9 months was 3.7%, the income grew by 5.8%, and the volume of investments in the economy amounted to 16 billion USD.

Referring to social programs, Aliyev said the country opened 34 schools, 26 kindergartens, and 11 medical institutions.

500 thousand people or 114,000 families received targeted social aid and 87,000 new jobs opened, of which 67 thousand were constants.

There are great advances in the field of transport and military construction. Speaking about the situation at the front, Aliyev noted "superiority" over the enemy, which suffers big losses.

Summing up the discussions, the President noted the high ratings of Azerbaijan among the world's economies, the strengthening financial discipline in the country, and avoidance of unnecessary costs.

Then he made an important observation that the funding of "non-priority projects should be stopped, state budget expenditures should be revised and state budget funds should be spent sparingly."

"In addition, businesses should pay taxes on time, but they should not be required unjustified payments, and measures to combat corruption should be enhanced."

He also stated the need to strengthen public control in the fight against corruption, to support entrepreneurship and to improve the business atmosphere. -02D-

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