Interior Minister wants to put Eldaniz Guliyev in prison

Interior Minister Ramil Usubov filed a lawsuit against the head of the Association of Azerbaijani Intelligentsia, a member of the National Council, Movie Director Eldaniz Guliyev.

The lawsuit filed in the Nasimi Court charges Guliyev under section 147 (insult) and 148 (defamation).

According to the deputy head of the press service of the Interior Ministry Ehsan Zahidov, Eldaniz Guliyev complained to the MIA about the actions of a traffic police officer.

The complaint was made through the media, with "insults the entire Azerbaijani police, their honor and dignity, and reputation."

Numerous police officers appealed to the leadership of the Interior Ministry with a request to sue and punish Guliyev, said the spokesman.

Guliyev himself in an interview with Turan declared unfounded the claims regarding defamation of the police.

He said that he saw the traffic police for no reason stopped drivers and protocols were inappropriate, all this caused the laughter of others.

In this regard, Guliyev on his Facebook page wrote a status, which called on the Interior Ministry to take steps to eliminate such phenomena, and several media published it.

"I just pointed out that the policemen well-equipped with technical facilities, fast cars and modern uniform should have the appropriate level of culture and ethical behavior.

I did not insult the entire police. Many employees of the police carry out their work conscientiously and professionally and participated in the battles for the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan," said Guliyev.

He believes that the lawsuit was filed probably for political reasons, in connection with his public activities with a view to silence him.

Note that under these articles Guliyev could face a sentence of up to three years of imprisonment. -06B03-

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